Collating Services

Hopkins Printing is known for our high-quality print work. When customers need additional services to get that work organized just the way you need it, however, you can rely on our collating services.

What is Collating or Collate Printing?

The dictionary meaning of the word collate is to collect, arrange, and assemble in a specific order of sequence. In printing terminology, collating means assembling multiple sheets or parts together to create a set. Collate printing is used when pages need to be in a specific order — for example, you may have seen the “collate” button or feature on your office copier. The most common use cases are related to the preparation of color copies as well as multi-page products like booklets, catalogs, and manuals.

Hopkins Printing Collating Capabilities

At Hopkins Printing, we have a large format machine collator that can handle materials up to 28” x 40”. Like our kit packing services, our biggest collating application is sorting retail signage. For items that don’t feed on an automated machine, such as [would love an example here], we also provide hand-collating services. Because our catalogs, brochures, and manuals are bound in the bindery department at Hopkins Printing, separate collating of these items is not necessary.