Postcard Templates

These postcard templates have been designed to take advantage of the highest postage discounts available from the United States Postal Service. Designs that adhere to the specifications within these templates will help keep postage costs to a minimum on projects that will be mailed. QuarkXPress and InDesign templates are available for download.

A PDF is also available for each postcard size to allow you to view the specifications in case a software package other than QuarkXPress or InDesign is being used.

If your design cannot adhere to the specifications within these templates, feel free to send us a proof (PDF would be fine) of your design so we can determine any additional postage costs (or if additional postage costs can be reduced or avoided with simple adjustments to your design).

Postcard Size

QuarkXPress Template
InDesign Template
PDF Preview
3.5 x 5

4.25 x 6
5.5 x 8.5
6 x 9