Hopkins Printing Hosts Health Fair

COLUMBUS, OH (November 11, 2010) – A team of Ohio State University nurses traveled to Hopkins Printing Tuesday, November 9, 2010 fully equipped to evaluate the health of Hopkins staffers and their spouses. There was no infectious disease outbreak or quarantine prompting their visit, in fact, the reason for their call can be credited to a much more positive event: Hopkins Printing was holding a health fair.

Workplace health fairs give employees the opportunity to have their biometrics screened on-site. Hopkins€™ health fair participants€™ blood glucose levels, triglycerides, cholesterol, BMI, and blood pressures were all tested. If any results triggered concern, literature on how to improve conditions was made available for individuals to take with them.

In addition to having a free health check, nearly 60 prizes donated by Hopkins€™ vendors were presented for raffle. Every employee who participated in the Health Fair received two raffle tickets and could place their tickets in a lottery of choice for their desired prize. Tickets were drawn at the end of the fair and winners were chosen for all prizes. Jeremy Doty and Karen Wilkison received the grand prizes of new bicycles. All partakers received healthy, complimentary refreshments.

Hopkins values its employee owners and held the health fair as a way to demonstrate respect for them. If employees have an increased awareness of their health, they can better take care of themselves and in turn further contribute to a sustainable and competitive business. “The health fair provided a quick and easy analysis of basic health issues. The resulting numbers provided me with important information and a desire to alter certain habits to improve my internal health. I€™m thankful to everyone at Hopkins for providing this benefit for us!€ said Hopkins Job Planner, Kevin Daulton.

About Hopkins Printing

Hopkins Printing is a leading high quality sheet-fed commercial printer in Central Ohio. Hopkins Printing is a 100% Employee Owned company that has been in business for over 30 years. Hopkins has been named Best Workplace in America by Printing Industry of America and has received the Better Business Bureau Integrity Award.

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