Hopkins Printing Recognized for Green Initiatives.

COLUMBUS, OHIO (July 13, 2010) – At first mention, “environmentally-friendly printing company” may sound like an oxymoron to many. However, upon deeper investigation, one will discover that printing companies do exist that are not only environmentally friendly, but environmentally proactive. Earlier this month Hopkins Printing was awarded the Agfa Graphics GreenWorks Environmental Recognition Award.

GreenWorks awarded printers must meet a required set of criteria which includes integrating sustainable technology and participating in other green projects.

The current myth surrounding the printing industry is that printers are indifferent to their consequences on the environment. On the contrary, responsible printers take giant measures to ensure the well-being of the planet we live on. Many people are unaware of the ecologically sensitive equipment available to companies. Hopkins Printing incorporates chemistry-free and low-chemistry plates into their systems instead of the traditional analog or digital plates. Hopkins’ newest Heidelberg 6 color press uses less blanket wash and clean up materials than its predecessor. Hopkins also utilizes a solvent recycling system that allows them to purchase less blanket wash each year. As a result, the impact on the environment is reduced, a significant decrease in chemistry use is seen, and an overall increase in energy savings occurs.

Hopkins Printing persistently searches for and employs further innovative green solutions such as using sustainable products, like Forest Stewardship Council certified papers, and partaking in unique recycling programs for their paper, ink, blanket wash and light bulbs. “We realize the impact that today’s actions have on our earth and generations to come, which is why Hopkins Printing chooses to invest in environmentally responsible equipment and processes and why partnering with Agfa just makes sense” said Jon Morgan, IT Manager for Hopkins.

Hopkins Printing is proud to be an environmentally aware and accountable company and is honored to receive the Agfa Graphics GreenWorks Environmental Recognition Award.

About Hopkins Printing

Hopkins Printing is a leading high quality sheet-fed commercial printer in Central Ohio. Hopkins Printing is a 100% Employee Owned company that has been in business for over 30 years. Hopkins has been named Best Workplace in America by Printing Industry of America and has received the Better Business Bureau Integrity Award.

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